Solar Training & Seminar

HELIUM solar helps to eliminate the barriers to the adoption of solar photovoltaic technology in India  by providing training to professional engineers or technologists and to contractors or electricians.

Design of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

The PV modules combined with a set of additional application-dependent system components (e.g. inverters, batteries, electrical components, and mounting systems), form a PV system. PV systems are highly modular, i.e. modules can be linked together to provide power ranging from a few watts to tens of megawatts (MW).

Solar Photovoltaic Systems – Installation and Maintenance

We strongly believe that every deployment of a Solar PV project should also benefit the communities that the project is deployed in. HELIUM Solar will train  students, electricians and contractors in the local community to install and maintain solar PV projects.

The PV training program provides comprehensive and practical applications of photovoltaic system theory, operations, including installation and maintenance.

We would like to announce that we are giving a guest lecture in institutes(specially for B.Tech. & Electricians)  for better understanding about solar. If  anyone interested, send me a mail or contact us.