Solar Structure




We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of Solar Structures .We have all type of solar structures and clamps readily available.

Solar Mounting Structures

We are providing structure solution for :

a) Ground Mounted Solar Plant

b) Roof –Top solar plant

c) Solar solution for industrial roof

d) Single and double  pole hat on hat structure design allows for a faster manufacturing and easy installation on site.The design suits to any type of soil ranging from sandy lands to hard rocky hills.

We are also providing  solar mounting structure with intelligent  solutions of Seasonal tilt. It is the low cost alternative to tracker systems which facilitates the change in tilt angle to maximize the total annual incident irradiation and total annual energy yield.

Advantages :

  • Easy manufacturing process with dedicated assembly lines and teams
  • Adjustable elevation system for a South orientation
  • An optimized solution for a project specific customization
  • Significant savings on time and money
  • No need for earth levelling work, even if the terrain is uneven
  • Optimized array layout and minimized shading losses
  • Typical elevation angle of 10 to 20 degrees
  • Site-specific design, wind analysis and engineering support
  • Durable and certified to withstand heavy wind and rain loads
  • Range of solutions to customize for specific needs
  • Available in single post, dual post and many other variants
  • Optimized to incorporate ease of manufacturing
  • Five-year warranty, extendable to ten years

b) Roof-top solar


The structure of the systems with wind shield is specially designed (shaped as elongated triangle) for flat roof with limited load capacity. Attached wind shield produces aerodynamic effect making the system stable under big wind load and prevents the frame from overturning/lifting by high wind.

b.2) ELEVATED Dead Weight based STRUCTURE

The solution is advised for flat RCC roofs with shading issues. The structure solution name itself is self explanatory. These structures can be designed for ground clearance upto 1000mm and they can easily combat wind loads caused by winds upto 180 Kmph.

They can be customised for varied array combinations to accommodate 4-20 modules per structure. The tilt can vary from 5-35 degrees.

C) Solar solution for industrial roof

Helium  pitched roof clamps

we provide all type of solar clamping solutuions for solar pitched roof mounting systems.

for industrial sheds

fortrapazoidal teen sheet roofings

for normal tin sheds


Solar Tracker

Product Description :

Principle of Operation :

  • The tracker basically calculates the astronomical position of the sun at any particular point of time at a particular location and controls the actuator accordingly to move the panel to the target angle. The calculation of the next target angle at the next target time is calculated and the tracker accordingly activates the output when the target time has been reached.
  • The calculation of the target angle depends upon the sunrise and sunset times for the particular date. The principle lies in that the sun moves from the east horizon from sunrise to the west horizon till sunset for a total of 180 degrees. The unit calculates the target angle according to the following limits:
  • If target angle < start angle then target angle = Start angle.
  • If target angle > end angle then target angle = End angle.
  • This ensures that the panel movement is restricted to the minimum/maximum angle set by the user for that particular structure. The panel will start moving in the morning only when the target angle exceeds the start angle .Similarly, in the evening, when the target angle calculated exceeds the end angle , the panel will remain at the end angle position till sunset. At 10 minutes after sunset, the tracker will move the panel to the horizontal position and retain it till the sunrise the next day when it will bring the panel to the start position.
  • Solar tracking system produce 15-25% more power than traditional solar plant.