Solar Petrol Pump

solar petrol pumpHELIUM SOLAR PETROL PUMP SYSTEM is specially designed for all types of petrol pumps even in remote areas also.

  • We offer an innovative solution to convert solar energy into Electrical energy for Petrol Pumps.
  • We offer wide range of Solar Systems for Petrol Pumps that are Durable in Nature.
  • The System is used for Existing AC Pumps.
  • It is Suitable for Single Nozzel and Double Nozzel Pumps also.

pumps can be of 0.5HP,0.75HP, 1Hp, 1.5HP onwards even upto 2 HP and can be of any type and there is no need to change the existing pump.

Features :

  • Zero Maintenance
  • Continuous Supply
  • Long life
  • Compact Design & High Efficiency

It is available in two models :

  2. SOLAR

Current scenario :

  • Most petrol pumps require to be run on a 24×7 basis thereby requiring an intelligent power management system. Alternate power sources like diesel generators have a higher switch over time and the dispenser pump shuts down almost instantly. Power fluctuations also end-up damaging dispensing units at petrol pumps. Sudden power failure leads to loss of fuel, time and money of both the customer and the petrol pump owner.
  • Petrol pumps in Tier 2 & 3 cities face major energy crises because of irregular power supply. In far worse situations are the petrol pumps in remote locations which have no electricity, face erratic power supply or have grid supply for a minimal time period. Diesel Generator sets are used as an alternative to electricity from the grid in these areas.