Our Services:

a) Due Diligence(Consulting & Feasibility Studies)

b) Solar PV RFP Creation & Advisory Services

c) Turnkey Solar PV Installation

d) Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

e) Solar PV System Monitoring

Consulting & Feasibility Studies:

feasibility studyThis involves the initial stages where the solar project is still an idea or goal. HELIUM Solar System Integrator will assist clients with the feasibility to establish the scope of the project, if the project can be done, and financing options.

Solar System Integrator shall perform a combination of these activities during the consulting and feasibility stages of a solar power project.

– Investigation of goals
– Material Recommendations
– Energy Usage Analysis
– Cost Estimate
– Site Analysis
– System Layouts
– Project Pro-forma
– PV Potential
– Electrical Constructibility
– Technology Cost Comparisons
– Production Analysis
– Potential Challenges
– Environmental Impact
– Photo Simulation
– Mechanical Constructability
– Logistics
– Technology Analysis

Solar PV RFP Creation & Advisory Services

DESIGN AND DEVELOPEMENT 3HELIUM Solar System Integrator can assist municipalities, independent power producers, departments to create and manage the formal process of a medium to large-scale solar power project. Since this is classified as a big project or construction project we shall conduct the procurement process. HELIUM Solar System Integrator shall perform the consulting professional services in Solar PV:-

  • Develop scope of work and a winning procurement strategy
  • Prepare bid document in the format and standardization requirements
  • Manage bid process and provide list of qualified bidders
  • Suggest cost effective ways to divide project
  • Provide strategies to promote emerging contractors in Solar PV
  • Evaluate competitive bids/bidders for ability, capability quality and value for money.

Turnkey Solar PV Installation

construction managementWith our Turnkey Solar PV Installations we offer our clients a single point of contact for all aspects of the development and implementation process and we believe that their experience in deploying solar should be a simple one.

– Gather requirements
– Conduct a site visit and analysis
– Determine which technologies are best for your situation
negotiate prices and contracts on your behalf
– Solar PV Project administration
– Design and engineering services; our approach minimize solar energy costs and maximize system lifetime.
– Subcontracting
– Management control
– Sourcing and procurement of PV panels, controllers, invertors, cables, batteries, etc.; and expediting of equipment;
– Materials control
– Control of schedule and quality
– Pre-commissioning and completion
– Performance testing
– Training of maintenance personnel

Solar PV Operations & Maintenance

commissioning processHELIUM Solar System Integrator will enter into a maintenance agreement and under the maintenance agreement, we will schedule annual or semi–annual site visits and inspect your installation by offering a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Module array cleaning
  • DC Electrical check and maintenance
  • Inverter preventative maintenance
  • Energy production analysis and reporting


Solar PV System Monitoring

energy analysis symbolStandard with all our solar photovoltaic system is an internet based monitoring system. It allows one to log onto the system via the internet and interrogate the systems performance from power generated, energy stored onto batteries and power usage.

HELIUM Solar System Integrator provides solar photovoltaic system monitoring services to ensure that all system components function optimally and as close as possible to the systems designed output. We shall:-

  • Monitor the system performance
  • Investigate failures and anomalies
  • Send a service professional to your site to fix the problem
  • provide you with a report on your system performance